Monday, June 11, 2012

Want a slimmer looking nose w/o surgery?Read on!

You see this technique on celebrities and maybe some of you are already doing this. But for those that are afraid to do it for fear of looking "fake" - I will show you how this simple trick can make your photos look great!

Flash photography has the tendecy to flatten the face because the light is coming from the front, towards your face. So to create an illusion of a long nose or create depth, you need to highlight and contour  some areas. Today, lets just focus on the NOSE.

So maybe this is something you dont do everyday..say, save it for a picture day or a special event.

This trick is called contouring and you can define the shape of your nose bridge by using a matte taupe
powder. Brown is acceptable but it can look muddy.  Reddish brown can also look fake, so I use a cool brown for shading.

Start at the bottom end of your brows and lightly apply the powder towards the bridge of your nose, then going down. Sort of an upside down J.

We dont want a line, so blend the outer edges with your hands or a firm  brush. Then just glide it along the tip of your nose, sort of a U shade.

Apply a light powder, or if you have a highlighting powder, which is even better,  at the center of the bridge, then viola!

My picture below has no contouring.


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