Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review on Garnier Nutrisse hair color

What caught my eye aside from the good brand name is the fresh and fruity fragrance and that is says it covers even grey hair ( not that I have one, but it means that the color is intense and true to its name.
The inside of the packaging. Imeediately after opening you can smell the fruity floral smell of the conditioner! love the scent!

My hair before I colored it

  After Pics

So I colored the roots about 3 inches first because of the re growth then after 15 minutes colored the rest of the hair.

I was not able to shoot it upclose but you can see in this photo that my hair is lighter (not black, which is my real hair color )

Overall review is 7. I dont know if I used it properly, although I did follow the instructions to the letter.
But I have used Loreal before and the color I got was true to the swatch in the packaging. This haircolor gave my hair a tint and if im out in the sun, I can see that its shiny and has a brownish red tint.

The conditioner that came with it on the other hand is 9 for me. It made my hair look like I just got out of a salon. It  smooth out the tangles and made the texture of my hair soft.

Verdict? I will reccomend it if you want a natural tint and great hair. If you want a haircolor that is more dramatic looking, opt for Loreal or Revlon, which I have tried before. Their conditioners is just ok. What I dont like about it was the smell. It stayed on for a couple of days, unlike GARNIER.

My hair didnt smell like it was colored--my hisband didnt even notice it which he usually does because of the

Ok, till my next post ladies!!

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