Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review on RCMA Foundation

These foundations are so pigmented I use this as concealer as well. I did not swatch anymore because you can hardly see it on my skin (except the dark shades)  I bought this from The basement Academy ( where I buy some of my makeup supplies) at P1,800 per wheel. Each wheel has 4 shades.

When you apply it your skin its matte and it gives you medium to full coverage. I have never used this as a foundation, instead I use this as concealer for my waterbased airbrush.

I will probably use this as a foundation one of these days and give a review.:-)

Over all, its a little expensive, but whats good about it is that you can use this all through out the year, you only need a small amount because its very pigmented and its natural looking. Very handy if your traveling. Downside is the packaging. The clear plastic cover keeps on falling off. This product can last you 2-3 years so its not a bad investment. And because it offers 4 shades, if you get a bit dark in the summer, you can mix the foundation. You can even use the darkest shade of the wheel as a cream contour for your face.


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