Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review on The Bodyshop Pen Highlighter.How to use it?

Highlighter pen are used, as the name suggest, to  highlighter the face for added dimension.When you contour/sculpt your face with bronzers or contouring powders, you should also highlight. This product does not cover dark circles or blemishes.

Since it reflects the light, you would want to apply this on the highest point of your face like brow bone, cheekbones and bridge of nose.

You can also use this as a pick me up tool to freshen up your look or to make you look glowing when you are actually tired and lack sleep. This can be applied under the eyes, but make sure you have applied your concealer already. I even apply this on  my face after I have set my makeup with powder.

I bring this with me most of the time and I apply this after I have retouch my makeup.Why? because its convenient and I like the look of glowing skin. A super mattified face looks fake, cakey and old. Furthermore, your face will appear like you have tons of makeup. A well applied foundation and highlighters can make yur skin look like you have very little makeup because it mimics a bare face ( notice your face when its clean, it has a natural oil that glistens a bit )

This is how it looks like on the skin, not blended.

As you can see, once you blend it, it has a slight shimmer because it has reflecting properties. It can highlight wrinkles so its not advisable to apply this at the side of your eyes especially if you have crows feet or fine wrinkles. Rather, apply it at your brow bone.

You can actually see it on my skin ( I set it with powder sometimes if I want a subtle glow) Can you see it highlights the wrinkles?

Over all I will rate this product a 6. Not an essential product but nice to have. If you have limited budget, better invest on a powder highlighter that you can use as an eye base as well. I guess, if your in your 20's and do not wear too much foundation because you have great skin, this will further enahance your looks.

If your 30-40 and above, hmm, might as well, invest on a good concealer and a cream highlighter instead. I will review other highlighters in my collection next time.

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