Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review on Philosophy Miracle Worker Serum

I have been using this product fore almost 2 years (although its on & off ) and so far I can say this product has improved my skin texture. The result was not visible in 4 weeks but more like 2-3 months of continued use.

My pores got smaller and my skin texture has improved a lot. I use to be afraid to go out without any powder because of skin discoloration/pigmentation I have. Even my age spot got smaller..though its still visible.My under eye use to be so much darker and  I have chicken skin under my eyes.

As for my fine lines, its still there though its not as visible as before. This product uses Retinol (Vit A derivative) and since this is an over the counter product, the dosage is quite small. You will have to consume several bottles before you can see visible result. One bottle cost P3,699.00 here in Beauty Bar, though its cheaper in the states ( Check )

This is me at 39, no makeup. My skin now is even better than when I was at my 20"s because I was smoking and drinking a lot. And I mean, A LOT. Good sleep, eating the right food ( as much as and using the right skincare has helped improve my skin. Im not saying I have flawless skin, but if i didnt stop smoking,drinking and did not use any anti aging skincare, I will definitely look older.

I recently went to a dermatologist and I got a prescription for a lot of anti aging skincare, which I will share next time. I would like to use it first before I give a review.

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