Sunday, February 13, 2011

Makeup Forever Duo matte Powder Foundation

I bought several Makeup forever products recently and one of them is their Duo matte powder foundation. I used one before and this is my second one. Usually, I use MAC studio fix powder because it gives just the right coverage for me, but this powder is just as good if not better.

There is of course a downside, but let me discuss the good ones first. I love this product because it gives medium to full coverage. The trick with powder foundations is that, you conceal your imperfections first, before you apply it on, contrary to liquid foundation application.

You can wear this foundation for several hours, even outdoors and will still give you that matte finish. I wore this for 7 hours and I did not even need to reach for my oil blotter.The product absorbs oil and give you a matte finish, thus the name.

If you want a more  natural looking finish, use a brush. The way to do it is to use a medium paddle powder brush & swirl it unto the pan to pick up the product. If you use a big powder brush, it might be too messy. Tap the excess as usual.

If you choose to use a sponge or velour puff, pat the powder on and do not sweep it across your face.
But  if you do it this way, do not overdo the application because it will make you look cakey. This product is good but like any other product, if applied wrong, will not give good results.

Downside, I find it expensive. Mac studio fix is about P1,900 the last time  I bought one ( still not cheap) this one is P2,200.

Apart from that, I will recommend this product to those who has oily, combination skin. If you have dry skin, avoid any powder foundations.

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