Thursday, February 17, 2011

Laura Mercier foundation & loose powder review

 When you are looking for a foundation, consider the 3 C's. Color, coverage and consistency. The color of this foundation ranges from pink to yellow based to suit different skin tones. Although I find that they have limited shades.  Coverage on the other  hand is impeccable. It is medium to full coverage and it is very blendable and so easy to apply. As soon as I applied it, it covered my age spots and pimple marks. I was told that this foundation can also cover those with rosacea, melasma, age and liver spots.

If you need more coverage, go ahead and apply a second coat and it will not cake.  Also, it did not settle on my fine lines as all! So thatt's a big plus for me.

It is water based so it will not make your face look or feel oily at all. Also, since its creme, its hydrating enough that those with dry skin will love this product. Setback is price is a little steep, P1800 per tube and you just need to give the tube a good shake because sometimes, the water settles and when you press the tube, only water comes out. Aside from that, I highly reccomend this foundation for all skin type. I used this foundation and after 6 hours, I still look fresh and  matte. The finish is very natural looking, although you must use a translucent powder because anything heavy will defeit the purpose of it looking natural.

As for the liquid foundations, it offers a wider range of shades compared to the  creme foundation. Coverage is light to medium but its still very good because the finish looks very natural as well. Since its oil free, I can recommend this to those with oily skin. As for the consistency, its very light & feels like second skin.You just need a tiny amount because the product is very pigmented.  It did not settle into my fine lines as well and this is the foundation I will use for everyday. After 4-5 hours I still didnt need to blot my face or retouch.

But I find  the liquid  dries up easily upon application. So its better to use your fingers or a damp sponge when applying. If you need more coverage, you can just add another coat. If you prefer a full coverage, better opt for the silk creme foundation.  

Laura M. loose powder is very fine and is a great combination for the liquid and creme foundations. Although my all time favorite is still makeup forever HD powder, this is the powder I will use for everyday.

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