Friday, February 11, 2011

Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation by Bodyshop

Bodyshop is one of my favorite stores. I buy my bodywash, toiletries, scented oils & candles from this store. They offer a lot of discounts & rewards lately I wonder if they are still making money. Anyways, it does not diminish my love for their products.  I don't own any Bodyshop makeup though, until recently. 

So I would like to review them one by one. First I want to review their Flawless Protecting cream to powder foundation. After using it twice, I fell in love with it. Let me discuss a few points why it is  a great product.  

 As far as performance is concerned, it gives the skin a radiant finish. After I applied it, I instantly saw the difference. My face look brighter and my skin looked  fresh & well rested. 

I used this twice for my day makeup and after 5-6 hours of  running errands, I never needed to blot my face ( I use clean & clear by the way) . It glides on smoothly  but be sure to apply a day cream/moisturizer first. It dries as a powder & its up to you if you still want to apply a setting powder, but wearing it alone is fine.

It has both both UVB/UVA broad spectrum SPF 15.  It has Maruba oil that helps repair the skins moisture barrier. it is also infused with vitamins A, E & F that encourage regeneration of skin cells. So what does it mean? It makes you look good & its good for your skin too!

So isnt that a treat? 
I do not recommend this product to those with Dry skin though. If you have Oily or combination skin, this would be perfect.

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  1. thanks for the review ochie! will bookmark your blog =)