Friday, July 6, 2012

Fresh Makeup For Everyday

Making it look that you dont have makeup is silly right? But us women, we do this all the time. We want a simple makeup for everyday just to enhance your features. Most of my brides will even ask me that they want a no makeup look.:-)

The trick is to choose a feature and focus on it. A little goes a long way. Below are some of the items I used for the makeup above. It looks a lot but like what I just said, you only need a small amount.

Sorry if the pic looks upside down. I will have to see how I can rotate In the meantime, these are the list:

Foundation: MUFE Duo Mat
Primer: MAC Oil free primer
Powder: MAC translucent powder
Over all Highlighter: Guerlain Meteorites powder
Cover Girl and Olay Cream Blush
MAC peach keen blush
Loreal Quad color
The Bodyshop Peach brown Lipstick
Madcarra from Maybelline
Brow Color from Prestige and MAC Brow set
The Body Shop Pink Matte Blush
The Bodyshop Over all Bronzer
MAC cream concealer NC30
Benefit Stay dont stray
Loreal Eyeliner
False Eyelashes from landmark

hahahaha, yah, its quite a lot!

A Picture of my son that day! :-)

Till my next post lovelies!!

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