Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Bodyshop Makeup,Part 2

I didnt want my post to be too long so I will post my favorite The Bodyshop makeup in series. This is the second post I made about the brand.

Sorry but I had these two for awhile so I forgot already the price.

These 2 matte blushes are my current favorite. I swatched these 2 below. This is also great for contouring.

Pink blush at the right, peach one at the center. The champagne color is actually their highlighter which I review already in my previous post.

This eyebrow pencil gives just enough color and I like it because it does not make my brow hair sticky.
Its also matte and the color is in cool brown so it looks natural.

This is their brow brush. I use this if I want a thick effect of brows because this brush picks up a lot of product. So better use this brush if this is the effect you are going for otherwise your brows will look dark.

Just want to share these items that I like from the bodshop. Next post I will share my favorite shadows and glitters and my not so favorite items from the brand.

Till my next post!

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  1. Great post, maybe I should try some make up from the body shop too !