Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bride Berlin

I was not able to post these picture of Berlin. She is actually my youngest bride (early 20's)
We met at a fair and its so nice to be around young people! LOL. Energetic, full of promise and believe it or not, Berlin is sooo cool all throughout the day of her wedding. Well, those times when I was with her.:-)

I also did her change of look before start of reception. I went there alone with no hair assistant! Ambitious me! I did not go to the church anymore and since the reception is same location as the Prep place, I just stayed at the lobby with my trusted Ipad and surfed till her entourage arrived.

If you are looking to be a makeup artist, most of the time, you will be waiting..waiting for client to arrive (better than they wait for you) wait for the models to finish rehearsals etc., wait for important celebrity/personality to finish her bath (lol)hey, its ok, as long as she feeds me! so cheap.hhahahaha.

ANyways, what im trying to say? its not a glamorous job. I just love it! I miss it actually, so I was looking at my past wedding pictures so then I though, I havent posted these pictures yet. So there you go, hope you lovelies like it.

Airbrush makeup, waterbase from Graftobian and OCC.Lipstick Revlon color stay, Blush:MAC
Stay Lovely ladies!

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