Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trick to soften your features!

Do you find yourself looking so strong whenever you groom your brows?? (looking like a man or looking like.."grrr' ?? )

Maybe you have facial hair that you're afraid to shave off fearing it will grow back thicker than before? Arm hair that makes you look like your a cousin of Kingkong? hahaha.

Fear not my leash. Umm, I meant my lovelies! I have been using Sally Hansen Hair bleaching cream for as long as I can remember.

I first learned about this when I was working as a Product Manager for Penshoppe. I will visit Photo shoots and work with fashion stylist and makeup artist like Lala Flores, Christ and Robbie Pinera. Who would think I would later be a makeup artist myself??

Anyways, Christ was the makeup artist  we got for Penshoppes endorser maxine, alongside Cogie Domingo. He lightened Maxine's eyebrows to match her hair color at that time.  I think that was 1998-1999. Ever since that,   I have been lightening all my unwanted facial hairs.LOL.

For softening your features,  lighten your eyebrows a bit and even if you have black hair, this will instantly soften your features. I also do this for my client brides that have darker brows that does not match their hair color.

 To emphasize my point, the above picture is me with black hair and brows.

When I dyed my hair, I of course lightened my brows. Using the same product on your hair to your brows to lighten the color is not advisable. It might cause allergic reactions and its harsh on your skin.

Ok back to the brows, it totally gave me a softer look. I didnt cut my hair. Its a fake bob, hair was tied with bobby pins at the back. I do this when I just want to give myself a different look.

Another example is Alica. This was her before picture. I did her makeup for her prenup and wedding.

On her wedding day, I bleached her brows to match her hair color. A few weeks before the wedding, I reccomended a hair colorist .she wanted to lighten her hair. I also reccomended a light brown contacts to make her eyes look bigger. For her reception, the makeup was a glam smokey eyes.

I love how Alica planned for her different look. Her prenup shoot was like a magazine shoot :-)

She actually attended one of my workshops and thats where we met. I have unleashed her inner Kikayness. hahahaha.

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