Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shaping your eyebrows, tweeze,shave or threading method??

Eyebrows frames the face.A well groomed eyebrows can do wonders on your appearance. Grooming your eyebrows the wrong way can make you look old, or add years to your face.

 You can look polish, smart and fresh by just grooming your brows and wearing a simple makeup.

Above picture is Laura. She is a very talented stage actress/singer  from Ateneo. If  you look closely, her brows has a pretty defined shape and only a little tweezing is needed to groom it.   But her right eyebrows has a "bald" spot.This is not a problem. Just fill it in with pencil or brow powder.

Common  mistake done by most women is using  black for their eyebrows, since their hair is black.
I recommend Taupe or light brown, depending on hair color and skin tone.

For Laura, I used a light brown shade from smashbox.  I used tweezers to groom her brows because the hair is very fine and the shaver cannot pick it up. I Just followed the natural shape of her brows.

Cel's eye brows in my opinion is over-plucked. Without makeup, she looks a bit older than her actual age.   So in I made the shape a bit thicker than the actual shape ( I did her prenup hair & makeup ) 
This technique can make you look younder and fresher. 

Notice the celebrities nowadays ( some though, over-do it! ) in movies, prints and tv shows, their eyebrows are full, thicker looking. Its because, thicker brows can automatically shed off a few years.

Note: This is because as we grow old, most of our facial hair (LOL ) will fall off or not be as full as they use to be. So by grooming your brows to appear a bit thicker can instantly perk up your appearance.

As for Rachel, she has very fine almost not seen eyebrows. Her right brows, has a scar so theres not hair growth.

See how a well groomed brows made her look fresh and young? Her eyebrow shape is a bit thick,  so I used a taupe shade with a little pink in it.

Eyebrow color looks nicer if its lighter than the hair color. But again, nothing is set in stone. It still depends on the over all effect you want to achieve.

Here I want Rachel to look Fresh. Visualize, Jennifer Connely. Dark hair, dark brows, Demi Moore and Camilla belle??

To refresh your memory:

The Verdict??

So whether to pluck,shave or thread is personal preference. Personally, I just shave my brows because its faster and easy to do and you could its already a routine for me. I rarely pluck my brows. I seldom resort to threading because I find it painful and stressful! hahahaha.

My advice, if your brows a virgin (hehehe) never been touched,shaped whatsoever, go to a professional. I mean, a reputable salon and not a soso salon.  Im not snobbish or picky but most small salons ( that sometimes uses blade -sorry im not impressed, im horrified and scared ) will either shave it to thin or not to your liking and they will insist they know better. Sorry if Im ranting.

 Its actually based on my experince ( twice!! shame on me right? ) awhile back when I was still working as a marketing professional designer and I had no formal training yet in makeup.

This is your face we are talking about. Invest in it. :-)

I always say, if you can spend money on the latest cellphone, or shoes, why not spend good money for your appearance??

A professional makeup artist can also shape it for you. I do this to all my clients. Then just follow the natural shape.

Tweezing plucks the hair at the roots so it will take longer for the hair to grow.  Shaving on the other hand, just cuts the hair at the skin, so it grows faster compared to when you pluck. If I dont shave my brows in 2-3  days, I can already see the stray hairs.

In my next post, I will probably talk about how to groom brows. Let me know if you gals want me to make a video on this. Otherwise, goodbye for now.

Stay Beautiful my lovelies!

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