Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Younger looking makeup

At 39, my goal is to eat healthy and look young. But im weak! hahahaha. I eat a lot of junk and lack a good night sleep. In my next post I will tell you my beauty routine, but for now, lets fake it thru makeup!

The above photo was taken by my hubby and the camera setting has flash, so you can see the effect of the highlighters I used.

This is my Go-To  Fresh Beauty  Makeup.

We all want to look fresh and well rested.Most women refuse to wear makeup for fear of looking old. But wearing the right product and using the right amount of makeup can do wonders for your appearance.

With all the wonderful anti aging products out there, makeup, skin care and tools, as well as vitamins and treaments, its not impossible to look younger than our real age.

As for makeup is concerned using a foundation with medium to full coverage is the key. Use it sparingly though. A little goes a long way. I used LAURA MERCIER CREME FOUNDATION here.

Im not using a PRIMER here but if I was, I will reach for SMASHBOX silicon primer. Skip this if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.

Using a creme blush underneath your powder, applying it after foundation, gives you a subtle glow. Here I used Cover girl cream blush ( coral color is flattering for all skin color) and I used a Sheer Peach blush that has a subtle shimmer and gold flecks, pretty much like NARS Orgasm, but less the glitter.

For the lips, would you believe its 3 products???
Plumping Sheer lipstick from Physicians Formula, 3 shades. Lightest at the center of my lips.
I outlined my lipline using a loreal lip liner, peachy brown simillar to my lip color and blended it inward with my pinky finger.

Then I topped it off with a Sheer gloss from Mac that relflect light, but only at the center of my lips.

Im wearing false lashes but- half only (demi lash) at my outer eye to elongate my eye and give that lift.
I also used a gel liner from MAC that looks like BLACK but its dark brown.

The white part you see on my right eye is just the lash glue still drying. It will dry clear.

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