Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review on MAC paint pots

I have 3 MAC paint pots and so far, these babies are part of my makeup essentials. I swatched them above: Bare study-Champagne gold. Constructive: Medium Taupe and Rubenusque: Copper gold.

  Bare study: this is a champagne gold color. If you are fair to medium fair, this will appear as invisible to your skin but will reflect light. So its great as highlight. If your a bit tan or dark, this is a great eyeshadow highlight. I even use this on top of my lpstick so it catches light.

This shade looks like its hard to wear but really, its not. Wear it as an eyeshadow base, wear it alone or top if off your eyeshadow to create highlight and shimmer to your eyeshadow. I will do a tutorial for these paint pots and show how to use them for everyday or for a special event.

I use these paint pots even for my brides as highlight, eyeshadow base and even as lipstick (combined with other lipstick) They are smudgeproof, water resistant/waterproof  and long wearing. You need a makeup remover for waterproof makeup to remove it.

This shade is great for base for neutrla eye design, smokey eyes and contouring. It looks matte but it has a subtle sheen to it reflects light. This means if you have crepey eyelids (common to women above 50) this might emphasize your wrinkles.

Over all, these are not really something you need if your budget is low or you dont even wear makeup everyday. But invest on just one and see the many uses and glam things it can do to your otherwise plain "look "

To sum up its many uses:

1.Eye shadow base and eyeshadow primer
Apply this before your regualr powder eyeshadows to avoid creasing and make your eye shadow last longer. Even if you sweat or got rained on, cry, trust me, these babies will still be there.

This can intesify your eyeshadows as well and make it appear more saturated ( pigmented) and vibrant.
Example: I usually apply the Rubensque before a gold eyeshadow to make it look more vibrant.

Apply this after foundation, before you set it with powder and you will see a nice glow. I reccomend the bare study if your fare or medium tan. The Rubenusque is soo lovely on the skin, collar bone when your a bit darker. Well I wore this on the beach and It felt like I was a golden goddess. LOL.

There are matte versions of these paint pots that can be used as contour shades as well, depending on your skin color.

5.Add pizzaz to your dull lip color
Just make sure your lipstick is a bit creamy and not super matte because it does not have any moisturizer so it has a tendency to dry the lips.  So of course, you dont wear this alone.

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