Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How I lost weight

When I gave birth last 2008, I gained weight and my heaviest was 150. I have accepted the fact that this is my new body weight and form. I even laugh when people mistake me of being pregnant ( I have  a small face but m tummy is really big. My waistline was 34-35 )

I was down to  137 at the time this photo was taken.

I just took this photo myself. Im 110 at that time. Just last month.

Tough Jeans gave me a pair of  pants ( a whooping P 8,000 !! almost $200! ) as part of the payment for doing the hair and makeup for their live  mannequine show at Shangrila Mall.  I asked for their biggest size and they sent me size 29!! Seriously people. 29??

It cant even go up past my knees. Good thing I did not give this pants away. Im not bragging but it's a nice feelig to finally wear jean again. I can now cross my legs and wear tank tops. :-)

This was taken last July. Im wearing a Herve Leger dress I bought on-line, size small. Whew. My legs still need some work but over all  Im happy with my new weight of 105. How to stay at this weight is the challenge. I think I have gained 2-3 pounds in 2 week.Arghh. But its ok. Im now enjoying eating healthy and doing alot of activities at home ( painting, decorating ) and of course work!

Ok, the next question is how I lost the weight? I will not lie, I had to drink an appetite suppresant (slimming pills) a little exercise and some science ( meso theraphy/radio frequency )

I still ate sweets ( chocolate bars, cake,ice cream ) but in moderation. I ate more vegetables and salad. Eating healthy does not mean you dont eat tasty food.

A lot of people will say drinking diet pills is not healthy and I agree, over all, you must do what is doable for you. :-)

From 150 last March 2011, after 5 months, Im 106 pounds.  I wanted to loose weight for helth purposes ( im borderline diabetic ) and my husband and I plan to have another baby soon.

For those who is struggling with their weight, my advise is to adapt a healthy and active lifestyle. Crash diets will not give a lasting result though it can do the work.

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