Monday, June 13, 2011

Bride Charmaine Trial and Wedding Makeup

Charmaine and I met at my recent fair at SMX last May 20-21. She booked my services even without the usual trial. But a day before the wedding, she went to my studio to discuss the kind of makeup she wants, as well as the hairstyle she wants for both ceremony and reception. Part of my service is the FREE change of look at reception. The above picture was her trial hair and makeup.

Since she told me that she is meeting her inlaws that day, I thought it would look nicer if I add a simple design on the simple side ponytail hairstyle she requested me to do.

The pictures posted here are all my own. No official pictures yet. Will surely post it next time and at my official website, Charmaine wanted a dewy finish so I used TEMPTU silicon airbrush makeup. This type of airbrush has a natural dewy finish and is suitable for those with dry or combination skin.

Charmaine advised me that she wanted her foundation to be one shade ligther because she observed that her makeup has a tendency to darken. Consult with your MUA and make sure that even if the shade is lighter than your natural skin tone, the over all color should not be too far from the TRUE color of your skin. Also, noticed that her brows in this picture is lighter compared to the prenup makeup?? I dyed her eyebrows! This technique can instantly make you younger..

This is the look charmaine wanted at the reception. I added a diamon powder from MUFE and just added thicker eyeliner, full set of lashes (half lashes only at reception, since the wedding was early morning)  She also wanted a body shimmer so I used a very subtle kind of shimmer, from Body shop.

This is how the Airbrush makeup looks like after 4.5 hours. Actually Airbrush makeup can last up to 12 hours and it will still look great! But if you have oily skin, you just need to blot the oil off.

Charmaines Hair and makeup by yours trully. She wanted a loose and relaxed updo free from lots of hairspray. So the hairsstyle I did was not the stiff kind of updo. Anyways, we were thinking, the venue was indoor. So we thought...

Before the Bridal March, I was outside as well. Who would have thought that at Glass garden, the wind was so strong Charmaine almost toppled over. Can you see from her posture that the long veil was almost pulling her from the back??

At the bridal suite in Glass garden Pasig. We were given 30 minutes to do the change of look. Usually I do this alone. Thank you to Lorybelle for being my hair partner that day. She also did the hair  and makeup of some of the entourage. So this is how I look like when I am seriously doing makeup...hmmmm. not a pretty sight !!LOL.

I was not able to get a before picture of the maid of honor but this was the makeup I did on her. I played around the matte gray color of her gown and her skin color. Gray/silver looks great on her.

I did her moms makeup too! I guess her mom liked the make-up!


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