Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stripes and Camo!

The look above is my inspiration. THis lady is so stylish, not to mention very pretty and my Thin-spiration!All clothes seem to look so good on her! Anyways, check her out, I just came across her blog by accident!

Im actually in the lookout for more stylish ladies, so if you have a fave blog, please do let me know!!

I love scoop back tops!! Zara please bring them back!! hehehehe.

Zara top and camo pants, Katespade sierra bag, Stacatto flats.

Leather wrap bracelet from my good friend, Lorybelle and my old Tag watch.

 Forgive me guys for posting Camo again! Obviously its my current favorite! I want to maximize these pants before It goes out of style again! Anyways, I might not even care!!

Bracelet from Myphosis, Silver vintage ring I got from an antique store in Tiendesitas.

Till my next post lovelies!

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