Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Makeup

Camille, Alexa and their mom will be attending a wedding, so I opted to use Airbrush makeup to make sure their makeup stays fresh.

For Camille - I matched the skintone of her arms and body, to match the skintone of her face. Her eyes is basically silver and blue on the lids and bronze at the lower lash line. Silver white at the inner corners and Pink swoon for the blush. For the lips its Angel and Glaze her fancy both from Mac.

I just brushed the brows with MAc brow set since its already thick and well shaped.

This is Camille's Before picture. Her neck is slightly lighter, so I just customized the color to even her skintone. :-)

  Would you believe this is their mom?
Airbrush foundation, Eyes silver & gray from Smashbox, Gel liner from Mac and a plum shadow for the outercorner.

Blush is peach keen from Mac and Lips is Crosswires also from Mac.

Alexa has the perfect skin and I love how this eye design looks on her. I used bodyshop champagne gold and bronze shimmer shadows.For the crease I used Guerlains shimmer shadows in dark and redish brown. Blush is Pink swoon and lips is a combination of Pink Noveou and Nars Niagara.

All hairstyles are done by my good friend Lorybelle Baretto. :-)

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