Sunday, September 9, 2012

Claire and Mikes Wedding :-)

Claire is a sweet, good natured person. We met at one of my bridal fairs and she was one of the first clients that booked me. She is not just pretty on the outside but inside as well (sounds cliche) but very true.

I have met a gazillion brides believe me. Ive encountered bridezillas and worst, but Claire is definitely a cut above the rest for being calm, educated (a nurse in Kuwait) and just a happy person. It shows in her pictures!

One of the weddings where I was really tired and harassed (drove in the rain with zero visibility! in Tagaytay!!) but definitely worth it. I was glad she trusted me to make her beautiful, both for her wedding and prenup.  Im happy to be part of her special day. Mike is such a goofball but warned me he will be crying for sure before the ceremony ends.

Congratulations to you both!

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