Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Food!

The above photos is sweet and sout pork that I cooked last week and I jsut want to post some of the other food I made this week!

French toast, Hash brown and honeycured Bacon!

Ok, I did not cook this..hehehehe. Had lunch with hubby and friends at Yaku/Podium.

Didnt know there is Moschi Ice cream counter there in Podium. The last time I was there was May this year!

I like the Purple yam and Red Bean!

 Loving Arizona tea Lately! Bought in Rustans Grocery but this is also sold at Our Kitchen Restaurants.

My ultimate favorite snack-Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with Cherries and grapes! Yummy!!

Almost all of my photos at my blog were taken using my Iphone 4. Now all these photos were posted in IG (Instagram)

Happy eating and Happy weekend!

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