Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 EASY Nail Art Ideas for short nails!

I dont have tools so I the dots are not perfect but I guess it adds something to the design

Here I just added gold polish from Revlon to jazz it up a bit.

Lilac base from Revlon (lily) and dots of white, purple and gold.

Metallic Silver nails from Diva.
 Same polish but I added a blue polish at the end using sponge.

The same design above this picture but this time I added texture by topping it with glitter and heart polish.

 Peach frosted polish from The Face shop puls China Glaze glitter on top.

Same design as above but this time I added 4-5 coats of glitter to intensify the glitters.

Pink polish and for the ring finger I just added dots of red and blue.

 off white polish (shell) from Revlon an added a pink polish at the tips using a sponge :-)

As you can see, before I totally take off the polish, I added a few top coats here and there to jazz up the look.

Hope you like this post ladies!!

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