Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gyaru Makeup - and some Fun photos of me and my son

Today I tried doing the Gyaru makeup. Normally I will flick my eyeliner upward but GYARU style is different. You line the eyes and extend the line a bit downward and use false eyelashes extending to that line that makes the eyes look bigger and well, doll like. This is popular in Asia.

But I didnt use any lashes at lower lash line anymore ( well, next time, I will do a tutorial, I will do a complete GYARU look) Think Anime.

Also, Im not using circle lenses. My lenses has a grade and most circle lenses has none. And I guess Im abit old for that.LOL.

 Posted this pic in IG.

Next time I will do a tutorial! Let me know !

Here are some photos of me and my son today :-) Tomorrow I will post my OOTD. Ciao!


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  2. aww.. ur eyes look soo pretty !! your son is sho cute <3

  3. Thanks so much! :-) Nice to hear from you! if you have time, check out my Art blog! thanks!!