Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Transformation through the years-2004-2012

When I was still single, working as a Marketing Manager for a retail company, I had the oppurtunity to handle/mingle with the celebrity endorsers of the brand. Rhian Ramos, Aga Mulach, John Loyd Cruz,Maja Salvador, Nancy Castiliogne, Karel Marquez, etc. etc. etc. and most of my pictures  with them got lost already except for a few. I posted some here, and if you like to see more, please do comment and let me know.

Im with Eigenman and this was 2004. Notice Im quite tan here.:-)

This was taken last 2006, with Rian Ramos at an event with channel 7. Im 33 at the time :-)

The last picture was taken last May 2011. I made a collage to see how my look transformed thru the years. Its just funny, sometimes I dont recognized myself. You would think I had a nose job, but really its just the angle of the shot, makeup and of course lighting.

Actually, I was a bit light (skincolor) in the last picture because I have been getting Glutathione IV shots 2x a week for 3-4 months.

here is one more collage...

Just turned 39 last January 21...

Photo taken in the bedroom using my Iphone4, on my 39th birthday!

Taken on the day of my birthday!
( I used Galvanic Spa before makeup and 3 days before, can you see my skin?!!?? and eyebags is almost not there!! )

This is my real skin color when Im not getting any Gluta shots. I simply drink SHeseido purewhite to get a rested fresh glow.

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