Monday, April 2, 2012

How to wear red lipstick!

Red lipstick is just not for mestizas or light colored skin women. I believe all women should wear RED LIPSTICK once in awhile. In fact, for this year, I want RED lips to be my signature look!

Above picture is Jazz my bride. Normally, warmer red will be the safest choice for the RED shade that will suit her. But I figured JAZZ can rock this shade as well. This girl is 5'8 flat! When she wore her heels, I looked like a hobbit  beside her.LOL

Their are a LOT of RED shades to choose from.

To choose the shade that suits you, indentify your undertone. Basically look at the veins on your hand. If its blue, you can wear RED that has bluish undertones (think Marlyn Monroe RED) This means your also light skinned but can either have yellow undertones or pink ( think light skinned asians and Caucasians)

If you have yellow undertone but a little tan, warmer REDS will suit you best. Meaning REDS that have a little purple in it (PLUM REDS,BROWN REDS or BRICK)

Orangy reds (bright shades) looks great for those with light hair and light skin. Usually, red heads will look great with this shade.

But actually, if you can carry the shade, meaning you think you can ROCK the color, then hey, Go for it! :-)

Other tips:
1.You dont have to wear RED nails to match! But dont let your nail color clash. I usually complement my Nails for example, I will wear an AQUA BLUE nails along with a RED lip since this color complements each other. But if you want to wear a RED nail polish, choose a shade that is similar to your lips.This looks better than wearing 2 different shades on your lips & nails.

2.To avoid lipstick on your lips, do this: Suck your index finger then slide it out. Your finger will cathc the lipstick outside the lip line that will get caught on your teeth.

3.Using a lipliner before wearing the lipstick will ensure that your lipstick will last longer and will not feather. You can also blot your lips and re-apply the lipstick again.

4.Condition your lips if it tends to dry when using lipstick because RED lispticks have stronger color content so it might dry your lips more. Or you can use lipsticks that has Vit e or jojoba oils .
Avoid matte types.

This is NADINE and I think this Photo was taken last 2010 if Im not mistaken. This was my first portfolio shoot and Jason Tablante was the photographer/Art director.

 Rachel is wearing Russian Red from Mac and Revlon Red lip gloss.
 This photo was taken from my gig with  GLOBE GCASH. I did a shoot wth them last 2011 for their website. Photographer and Art director was David Fabros. But I was the one who took the photo above.

 Chini is wearing Lancome Red. I forgot the name but its a brick red shade.
Do you know that wearing RED lipstick makes your teeth more white?
Above picture is Nadine Howell. She is Rians sister and she was my model for my portfolio 3 years ago.
This was photographed by David fabros.

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