Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review on The Bodyshop Vit E skincare line

My daily Sunscreen moisturizer. This is SPF 15 only, so if you plan to soak in the sun or expect more than 1-2 hours of sun exposure, this is not enough. Look for a UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen.

Preferably, SPF 45-80. But since im at home most of the time, this will suffice. It gives the moisture and protection I need on a daily basis. Next post I will discuss the other  Suncreen products I use.

As for the price, its a bit steep.This one cost me P850.00. But I wanted something that is all natural so I figured might as well invest in it. I might buy something else next time.

The facial wash is P650.00 Normally I just use Oil of Olay or Ponds. But again, I wanted to try this product. I actually like it. And although its not cheap, I have been using this facial wash for 8 months and I think this will last me for another month or so.

Im not sure about the price. As I remember though, its 995.But I will make sure and check the store next time I went to the mall.

I like this cream. It gives me the moisture I need. Although, I prefer a night cream that has anti aging ingredients like Retinol or AHA. But if your in your 20's, this is a great product.

Sorry for the photograph. Will take a better picture and edit this. I just wanted to post this right away since I uploaded a video on this review and there were a lot of questions on the price. This is P650.00 as well. Good for non waterproof makeup. But you can buy a much cheaper makeup remover and use it for both non waterproof and waterproof makeup.

As for me, I use this to massage my face after I have taken off my waterproof mascarra. So its not a total waste. I prefer the FACE SHOP ANTI AGING CLEANSING OIL. But again, it takes a while to remove the waterproof mascara. I will of course make a review on it next time.

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