Saturday, March 10, 2012

My 2 looks

Clothes and  shoes from Zara. The skirt  and  shoes are my absolute  favorite. This was my outfit going out for lunch with the 2 boys in my life, my hubby and my son :-)

Shoes is about P3,000, skirt P1,900 and blouse is about P2,000  ring from Topshop P600
(not exact prices, I rounded it off ,cant remember the actual price)

Skinny jeans from Zara Woman. My current jean obsession! This babies tucks your stomach in and hugs your body comfortably.Its lightweight so it can withstand the scorching heat of the sun and somehow when your in an aircon room, it gives just enough warmth that you wont feel,love,love,love!!

Plus!! it makes my leg s look smaller !hahahaha.Its a bit long but  folding at the hem gives this chic look to it,dont you think??

A bit pricey at P3,500 but worth it for me. As for my blouse, this is 6 years old already! would you believe that? So investing on a white shirt with collar is a must. Its versatile and easy to match.

Hope you guys can hype it in lookbook if you can.Thanks and stay lovely as ever!

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