Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Trip makeup look

My weekend makeup focuses on the eyes. The eye makeup is soft and lip color is natural. The eyebrows is defined but still natural looking. I just smudged a brown liner and used 2 coats of mascarra from Maybelline. My eye makeup are all waterproof!

My foundation is Bodyshop cream to powder, SPF 30. Great for outdoors. fast application for me, no need to set with powder so less time for me to finish my makeup!

For this look, I just want to have fun with eyeliner. I used a gel liner from MAC in brown. For the lids, I used a champagne eyeshadow,also from Smashbox

For this makeup, everything else is simple like the eyes and blush. I just used a red orange lipstick from Revlon that matches my nail polish. 

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