Monday, August 22, 2011

My Current favorites, August 2011

This make-up remover is so gentle on the skin it feels like your applying cold water on your skin.
One time, I was wearing my contact lenses and I accidentally transfered some of the product into my eyes ( the cotton was soaked) stupid I know but I was soo sleepy at that time. Good thing, I did not feel a thing! Great right???

Amazingly enough, it does remove waterproof makeup, although you have to use the proper tools. Since it does not work like the other makeup removers that are partoil/part liquid, the technique is to use cotton bods for removing waterproof eyeliners on your waterline and lash line. Although price is P600++, Over all rate, its a five for me.

 This toner is my super favorite these days. It helps lighten my pimple marks. How do I know? Im not using any whitening cream but I observe that after only 2 weeks, my pimple marks, even the big ones, seem to dissapear. I know that pimple marks really fade thru time, but this product helps speed up the process. Also, it feels so gentle on the skin. It does not sting, in fact it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed.

This is a recent discovery. I rarely buy perfumes because I always get perfumes as a gift. But I fell in love with the scent. So I bought the body scrub as well. Although price is not cheap ( P2,500++ for the edt and P1,600++ for the scrub) overall, the scent smells like powder after 3-4 hours and reminds me of my moms powders, perfumes, her  dresser and even her clothes. I remember going over her toiletries and smell her powders, perfumes. This scent takes me back to those time, my childhood.

For my last featured product, Bodyshop's Vit E setting spray. After you apply your powder foundation or matte face powders, spray this on to give your face a dewy finish. Also, during the day, freshen your face with this.

Hope you can try some of these products. :-) will post more reviews soon!

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