Friday, August 20, 2010

My Skin Savior Products

I got asked a lot when it comes to skin care products. So I took a picture of all the skin care items I am currently using. So, this is a picture from my bathroom shelf. From the left, is my makeup remover, promegrenate from Elianto cosmetic. I like this a lot because it removes my waterproof makeup effortlessly. It removes the stain from lipsticks as well. Its good to invest on a good MU remover to avod tugging your skin & of course save time.

I also use ponds or beauty oil from Human nature ( it not shown here because its in my travel kit ) This is when i feel like massaging my face before I wash it with my fave cleaner. Just avoid putting on too much if you have oily skin or it may clog your pores.

The 2 astringents Im currently using is clean & clear & Ponds. But I am thinking of switching back to Neutrogena after I finish these two.

For Day creams-I use the Body shop whitening serum before I apply my Nivea sunscreen, spf 50. For Night, I use the Oil of Olay serum & night cream. The formulation of the night cream is a bit rich so I wait a few minutes before I go to bed to let my skin absorb the product first.

The anti-wrinkle cream is from Oil of Olay too. This fills in my fine lines so that it does not look too obvious. I also use the regenerist facial wash. Its in cream form & it has some beads to gently exfoliate the skin. It does not produce foam but I like the way it leaves my skin feeling silky afterwards.

The NU skin tinted moisturizer has SPF 15 already, and I use this everyday. I like the coverage & it gives my skin a dewy glow.

The almost used up Virgin coconut oil is for days when I feel my skin is really dry. I slather this all over my body before I take a bath.

The HELP ME retinol cream is new- I havent use this yet. Will surely do a review, once I start using it.

So thats it ladies..hope you learn something. let me know your trusted skin saviors & post your comments!

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  1. Hey there, I followed you across from You Tube. You are so great, very talented. Keep up the good work! Dannii xxx